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Welcome to the Studio

It all starts with the space...
The studio is 7'x14' and the walls are insulated with Rockwool. The foam is more for decor as I have 9 Sound Panels throughout for conditioning. 
The mic locker has a Sennheiser 416 (my go to), a Neuman TLM102 and a Sennheiser MK4.  My travel rig is a replica of my gear just using a Microsoft Surface Pro with my portable hard drive.


Gear and Stuff
-Adobe Audition
-Audient id4 Interface

My first booth now serves as my official "I.T." room and houses my PC, a printer and my router. We want that direct connection, not wireless! 
I run a 27" monitor
 landscape and a 22" in portrait mode for reading copy. My desk is electric to make it easy to stand as needed.  Bottom line... I love this studio versus a booth.  Comfortable and fantastic sound quality.


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