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and there will be horses...

Nashville Voice Actor
Male Voice Actor Southern Accent

Up top is "Country Club Cowboy" known to us as "CC". He was an SSHBEA World Champion Country Pleasure as a 3 year old. 

On the right is "Hollywoods Classic Star" barn name... Ziva. As in Ziva the Diva.  She was a World Champion NSSHA Yearling FIlly and was raised here.

We have 11 here... a Thoroughbred, Spotted Saddle Horses, Walking Horses and one or two we can't be sure about...

Born in Nashville and spending his youth in Georgia and Texas, then back to Tennessee... Troy had little chance to "go neutral" or lose his natural sound. A natural storyteller his musicality in life started early as he listened to and sang along with Elvis and then grew up on what we now call Classic Rock.  Troy had his own country band in the 80's and 90's and then moved over to Southern Gospel as a solo vocalist in the 2000's all the while working in the Automotive Manufacturing industry for companies like Nissan.


How does all this tie into voice acting? There's a rhythm in being a voice actor for most all reads and the ability to connect to the copy and make the listener "feel something" comes naturally to a musician... and add in 30 years of blue collar work ethics, customer service, sales, marketing... you just built one helluva voice actor.  

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