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Your demo is a statement of where you are in your voice over journey.  You may be a rising talent who needs to update and get better samples or you are brand new, and just need a few samples to use for platforms.  I offer help in both those situations.  

Many are not yet ready for a "Tier One" demo but you need GOOD samples or a BETTER demo that is well produced.  I take the experience I have not only in VO but in my previous Audio Production in Music and give you some excellent options to move your career forward.


You must have had training and coaching and have the ability to DELIVER a clean approved file to me BEFORE we move forward of 10 seconds of room tone plus a script read then another 10 seconds of room tone.


I offer a free consultation to discuss WHERE YOU ARE in your career and then after I evaluate your sample reads we discuss if you are ready to make a demo, samples or if you should seek another producer.  Either way, my goal is to FAIRLY advise you and help you!


I will not take your money if you are not ready to proceed at that level.  It is not fair to you or me. Listen to the samples and decide if what I do is for you...then

if you are interested in working with me please e-mail me and let's talk!

Here Are Some Sample Spots and Full Demos I have Produced...
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Basic Pricing


Save on multiple samples!   
2 for $350   4 for $700

I typically will not take on more than 2 projects per month or no more than 12 samples per month.  Please reach out in advance for a free consultation!

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